The board regrets to inform you that Bluegrass Christian School will dissolve on 1 August 2014. We didn't get enough students to make the school financially viable. Transcripts, records and tuition paid for 2014-2015 school year will be available the week of 21 July 2014 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Please notify Dr. Cobb at Bonita.Cobb@bcsky.org to make other arrangements if you cannot pick these materials up during this time.

The office will be staffed weekdays, at the times listed above, through 31 July 2014. In answer to the question I am already getting....we needed seven (7) more students to be financially viable.

I want to thank all who have been involved with the school over its existence. We are grateful you donated your skills, time and resources to bring a Christian education to many children. The board and staff continue to ask for your prayers as we close the school in a way that brings honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless each and every one of you.

Doug Peterson
Board Treasurer


Closer but still not there.  Just a reminder the board will decide if the school can remain open on the 30th of June based on signed contracts....not verbal commitments.  One week left to get your signed contracts in.  Have a blessed week.


Wow!  The
 outpouring of support we have received supporting our efforts to keep the school open has been awesome!  Praise God.  We have people supporting us with prayer, one time gifts, monthly gifts and verbal commitments from families who will bring their students to Bluegrass Christian School.  Thank you all.  
Now, we need to convert those verbal commitments to contracts as quickly as possible.  The reasons we need to get this done are…..
  • The board bases its decision on signed contracts, not verbal commitments.  Please keep in mind any year 2014-15 paid tuition or fees with your contract will be held in a separate acct and refunded should we not meet our minimum number of students to open the school.
  •  Each day that goes by puts us at risk for losing our talented teaching staff to other positions.  The faster we get the minimum number of students, the faster we can stop our teacher loss.
  • Finally, as soon as we have the minimum number of students the Headmaster and board can shift our focus to opening the schoolas opposed to figuring out if we can open.
Please support the school with prayer, one time gifts, monthly gifts and by turning in your contracts.  God Bless.


Dear Families and Friends of Bluegrass Christian School,

Over the past two days there has been an overwhelming expression of sadness and concern regarding the board’s decision to close BCS . I sat at a round table discussion with several mothers who expressed the great need for Christian education in our community. Some have considered the option of homeschooling their children but do not feel that they are equipped to do so. Others must work to make ends meet and cannot homeschool but would love to be able to send their children to BCS. Their family just cannot afford it. I have personally received multiple emails from many of you as well as families in our community that are now saying that they desire to be apart of Bluegrass Christian School, whatever the cost. I have spoken to the board and they are in agreement that we are going to wait until the end of June before making a final decision.

We need your help and the entire community of Richmond as well. Bluegrass Christian School needs 60 students to be the school of excellence that we desire to be. We need you to contact everyone that you know that has expressed concern or regret about this decision and let him or her know that they can be apart of making BCS succeed against recent odds. If the community pulls together, even the smallest donation will fund a student in need to attend BCS. Some of you have suggested raising tuition but for many parents that is not feasible. However, you could donate above your tuition toward a student scholarship. If you have heard anyone mention that they were planning on attending BCS tell them to contact the school and get the paperwork required.

For all of the ideas that have been shared through email and private Facebook messages, we welcome any community effort to help Bluegrass Christian succeed. Please forward this message to anyone you know who will take part in this effort. Share it on Facebook. It is obviously the desire of the Richmond community for Bluegrass Christian to succeed. Please help us.

Again, the Board is in agreement that we are going to wait until the end of June before making a final decision. Students and/or financial help must come within the month. Thank you in advance!

If you need to contact the school, please contact me at bonita.cobb@bcsky.org.


Dr. Bonita Cobb